Virginia Police Find 2,700 Containers of Synthetic Drugs In Car

by J.D. Garrett on December 30, 2011

During a routine traffic stop on Dec. 21 in Gate City, Virginia, police discovered about 2,700 containers of synthetic drugs in a man’s vehicle. The man, whose age has not been revealed, has been charged with class six felony charges of possession of synthetic narcotics.

Gate City police reported that the man was pulled over in a traffic stop on the U.S. 23 bypass after noticing an equipment violation. While an officer was speaking to the man during the traffic stop, he reported that he saw several suspicious items in the center console of the vehicle. The officer said that he first noticed something that appeared to be a silver handgun and asked the driver of the vehicle if he could see the item. The item was a toy gun, but when the driver moved to grab the toy gun, the officer said that he noticed a substance that looked like marijuana and some pills.

After noticing the suspicious substances, Gate City police conducted a search of the man’s vehicle. During the search, police discovered numerous quantities of synthetic drugs and drug paraphernalia. Police reported that over 40 types of synthetic marijuana and bath salts were found in about 2,700 separate packages. The packages all weighed between 1 gram and 10 grams each. More than $13,600 in cash was also seized by police.

According to police, the man said that he has been supplying the items to convenience stores in several states including Virginia. He said that he supplies the items about every three weeks. The man was arrested and he was scheduled to appear in court earlier this week.

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