Virginia Beach Man Could Get 84 Years for Home Invasion

by J.D. Garrett on January 11, 2012

Simple breaking and entering into another Virginia Beach resident’s home is a crime, but the penalties may not be severe compared to other criminal offenses. However, home invasion with a weapon and with the intentions of stealing one’s property will most likely result in serious charges and severe legal consequences if one is convicted. This week, a 19-year-old Virginia Beach man learned just how severe the consequences can be for committing property crimes after a jury suggested that he be sentenced to serve 84 years in prison.

During a four-day trial, four individuals testified that the man had broken into their apartment in Virginia Beach off Birdneck Road on Dec. 5, 2010. They said that he was armed with a gun and that he had forced the individuals into a bedroom while he stole several items from them. The individuals also said that the man sexually assaulted one of the residents. Three out of the four individuals did identify the man after the incident.

The Virginian-Pilot reported that the man was convicted of 19 charges regarding the home invasion last Friday. On Monday, the Circuit Court jury suggested that the 19-year-old man be ordered to serve 84 years in prison since the crime involved the use of a weapon and violence. The Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office reported that the 19 charges included armed robbery, which in Virginia can add three to five years to one’s sentence, burglary, abduction, aggravated sexual battery, illegally wearing a mask and firearm offenses.

The young man is expected to be sentenced on April 3.

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