New Virginia Law Mandates Life Sentence For Some Sex Crimes

by J.D. Garrett on July 7, 2012

Sexually bases crimes, including rape and sodomy, tend to evoke the most visceral reactions from the general public, many times more so than from serious violent crimes of murder or robbery. In response, the laws in Virginia now mandate a life sentence for some sexual offenses as it does for those serious violent felonies.

Effective July 1, 2012, anyone charged with and convicted of rape, sodomy or object sexual penetration, who is eighteen years of age or older, and whose victim is age thirteen or younger, will face a mandatory minimum sentence of life in prison. The three listed offenses cover essentially any sexual act, including intercourse, oral sex, and any object penetration.

Given the new penalty associated with a conviction for a sex crime, it is extremely important to have legal representation by a criminal attorney who knows and understands the law, and has the necessary experience in handling these cases. Many sex crimes are charged based on little more than accusations of the alleged victim. Cross-examination is vital in such cases. A skilled criminal lawyer will be able to evaluate the evidence and challenge any evidence that may be questionable, inadmissible, irrelevant, or simply doesn’t indicate criminal wrongdoing.

If you or someone you know has been charged with a sexual offense in Virginia Beach, our criminal defense attorneys are available to help. Contact our law offices today for a free consultation (757) 422-4646. Your calls are answered 24/7/365.

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