Attorney James Garrett Wins Jury Trial For Client Charged With Two Weapons Charges

by J.D. Garrett on July 28, 2012

In a jury trial in Norfolk Circuit Court on July 26, 2012, criminal defense lawyer James Garrett represented a client charged with two weapons charges: attempted possession of a firearm after being convicted of a felony, and making a false statement on a firearm application. On those charges, the client was facing a possible prison sentence of up to fifteen years in prison. After hearing the evidence presented by the prosecuting attorney and then by Mr. Garrett, Judge John R. Doyle III dismissed both charges against the defendant.

The defendant is a 27-year military service member who served one combat tour in Iraq. According to him, he believed a 1983 felony charge in North Carolina had been dismissed after he successfully completed three years of probation. Other than that charge thirty years ago, the defendant’s record is clean. Attorney Garrett passionately argued, and Judge Doyle agreed, the North Carolina court records are unclear whether the defendant was in fact convicted of the felony three decades ago, or were they dismissed after a probationary period as the defendant claimed.

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