Backseat Passenger Charged With DUI

by J.D. Garrett on February 23, 2013

In Bedford County, VA, a backseat passenger was charged with a DUI after she grabbed the wheel of the car which caused an accident, injuring several people. According to reports, she made several unsuccessful attempts to take control of  the wheel from the driver before finally grabbing it. She was charged with DUI and reckless driving.

The Virginia DUI statute does not require that one be the “driver” of a motor vehicle to be charged with DUI, only that one be “operating” the vehicle. The term “operating” has been well litigated over the years, and it has been determined by the Virginia courts that the term is to be rather loosely interpreted. Operation may include simply sitting in a parked car with the engine running, or even as little as having the key in the ignition. In some instances, merely sitting in a car listening to the radio might qualify as “operation” under the statute.

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Source: Virginia Lawyers Weekly

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