What To Expect At A Free Initial Consultation With A Criminal Lawyer?

by J.D. Garrett on April 2, 2013

We understand that when someone is charged with a felony or misdemeanor criminal charge, or a serious traffic issue like reckless driving or DUI, there are many questions and concerns. You have taken the intelligent first step….contact a criminal defense lawyer for a free initial consultation.

What information can I expect to learn at a free initial consultation?

  • Your attorney will be able to explain the charges against you. They will hear your facts and be able to tell you how the law might apply to your situation.
  • Your attorney will tell you what the penalties are for someone convicted of the crime with which you are charged. All criminal charges have a maximum sentence, but that rarely applies to most people. More often than not, someone convicted of a crime is sentenced well below the maximum sentence. An experienced criminal defense attorney should be able to tell you a likely penalty based upon what you tell him about your self and the offense itself.
  • A criminal lawyer should be able to spot possible defenses to your charge, either true defenses of innocence, such as alibi defenses, or technical defenses. Technical defenses can be ones that show how your facts don’t support the charge or improper police procedures.

What information should I not expect at a free initial consultation?

  • A definite outcome. A criminal defense attorney can give possible results based upon their knowledge of the law and the facts you provide. Criminal procedures have two sides. Each side presents facts as they understand them to the judge who makes the decision. You may recall the situation one way, and the police or other witnesses may recall other events. Your attorney can only present the facts as you provide them.
  • A “road map” or “how-to” on trying your case. It’s a sensitive area, but law firms are a business with staff and overhead. Attorneys spend years in college and law school and other education pursuits to learn the ins and outs of the law in order to help clients. It is unfair to the attorney, the law firm and other clients of the law firm to give that expertise away for free. Just as you would not expect an auto mechanic to walk you through how to fix your car, or a computer technician to tell you over the phone how to get rid of a virus, or a restaurant worker to prepare and serve you a meal for only the cost of the food, you should not expect an attorney to tell you what to say and what evidence to present when you go court.

Please visit the pages on this site which might be relevant to your charges. If you have additional questions, please contact us for a free initial consultation (757) 422-4646 to speak confidentially with an experience criminal defense lawyer in Virginia Beach. We are available to answer your questions 24/7/365.

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