Virginia Beach Man Gets 10 Years For Third Charge of Possession of Child Pornography

by J.D. Garrett on July 14, 2013

Internet_Child_Pornography A U.S. District Court judge sentenced a Virginia Beach man to 10 years for possession of child pornography. According to court records, the man was on probation for two prior possession of child pornography charges in Norfolk. He was charged with having more than fifty images depicting child pornography on his cell phone. According to reports, his mother discovered the images on his cell phone after she retrieved his property from the jail upon his arrest for a probation violation.

The man plead guilty to one count of possession of child pornography and was sentenced in federal court on June 24, 2013.

Possession of child pornography is a very serious charge in Virginia and carries significant prison time, some of which is mandatory. Child pornography is a very specific charge with specific elements that must be present to support the charge. Consulting with an attorney who is experienced with handling these types of difficult cases is a must for anyone facing these charges.

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