Severe Penalties for Underage Drinking

by J.D. Garrett on July 30, 2013

underage-drinkingThe penalties for drinking and driving are harsh. But, if you’re a minor who’s been drinking, or you’re driving a commercial vehicle at the time, the penalties are even more severe. If you’ve been charged for either of these offences, it’s important to hire an attorney that will be able to protect your rights, represent you in court, and make sure that you get your license back as fast as possible, and serve as little jail time as possible, if you serve any.

Underage drinking laws state that a minor is any person under the age of 21 that has been drinking. If the minor has been drinking and then drives a vehicle, they can be charged with as little as 0.02% blood alcohol level, even though the state’s legal limit is 0.08% for adults. This is based on the state’s “Zero Tolerance” policy. Underage drinkers who are also found guilty of drunk driving could also have their vehicle confiscated, their driver’s license suspended, have a certain number of community service hours assigned to them, be required to attend alcohol education classes, be fined high fees, and could even serve jail time.

Not only can the underage person be charged for a crime when found underage drinking, but underage drinking laws also state that any person who acquires alcohol to be consumed by someone that’s underage, can also be found guilty of a crime. This means that should an underage person be found guilty of drinking while underage, the of-age person who got them their alcohol could legally also be charged with a crime, as well as be punished for crimes that are associated with that drinking. But underage drinkers aren’t the only ones that will face severe penalties should they be caught drinking and driving.

Driver’s with a commercial license that are caught driving while under the influence will also face severe penalties, and they have different regulations as well. Even though the blood alcohol level for the state is legally 0.08%, this level is lowered for those who have a commercial license. Commercial drivers who are found driving a commercial vehicle and who’s blood alcohol level is higher than this will face up to a year of being disqualified from driving a commercial vehicle. And, if it’s a repeat offense, the driver could lose their commercial license, as well as the right to drive any commercial vehicle.

It’s important to hire an attorney that can help protect your rights should you be found guilty of underage drinking, or if you are found guilty of driving drunk while holding a commercial license. Knowing these rights can go a long way to getting your license back sooner, or not serving any jail time.

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