Drug Issue And Substance Abuse – How To Fight Them

by J.D. Garrett on August 17, 2013

Recent years have shown how much drug issues have negatively affected our culture and modern society as a whole. The global scene is constantly witnessing modernization at its best and, in the case of drug issues, at its worst, considering it is partly responsible for this negative turn. It has effectively made things worse, especially when it comes to drug issues. Now people are more skilled and adept at deriving the maximum high even with the minimum amount of drugs at their disposal. Substance abuse, indeed, is already deeply ingrained into modern society and there seems to be no escaping it.

This is a bad habit that is frowned on by society in general. However, not a lot of attention is accorded to it. Substance abuse’s most notable end-products are addiction and death. An example would be alcohol, which is now deemed to be a social drink the world over. But the consumption of alcohol has reached excesses that could only be qualified as alcohol addiction and soon many people find that they could not last a day without an infusion of it. Society now looks on at alcoholism, or addiction to and abuse of alcohol as a major problem. However, if you look at the relevant legislation on the subject, you will see that the only time the law will act on this problem is when the drunken person has demonstrated conduct in public that is improper or has caused harm to others.

But, more often than not, it is the hard drugs that are mostly associated to substance abuse and the fight we are waging against it. All over the world, these drugs are declared illegal or unlawful. That does not, however, stop this from being such a lucrative business. The fact that a small dose of these drugs can cost so much does not stop the drug users and abusers from doing all they can just to purchase them. Cocaine, meth, heroin, are just some of the common hard substances abused today.

Mass production and distribution of these substances is carried out by many billion dollar companies across the globe. Take nicotine, for example, which is an addictive substance found in cigarettes. Aside from meddling with the users’ mental state, the nicotine-tinged smoke can also result to the user contracting cancer. For years, a war on tobacco smoking has been brewing, and in some countries the war is won and cigarettes are totally burned from being openly sold to the public. Many say the same hard calls thrown on smoking of marijuana should be levied on cigarettes.

You would notice that this fight against substance abuse that is being waged globally does not hit on the users of the drugs or even the peddlers where they directly procure the substances from. It’s the “big fish”, or the companies that manufacture these drugs that are single-minded being pursued. But that approach is not what you’d call successful, considering the fact that they have connections or friends in high places backing them up. Hence, activist and social movements that campaign against the social vice of drug abuse have adopted a new approach. Public awareness regarding drug use and its various effects on different aspects of life and society is now their focus.

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