Virginia Beach, Portsmouth, and Newport News Runners Fall Victim to Alleged 5k Registration Fee Larceny

by J.D. Garrett on November 14, 2013

Hash Dash Organizer Charged With Larceny

It is no secret that taking someone’s money or property without authorization to do so is generally criminal behavior. Many crimes pertain to the unauthorized taking of another person’s property or money, either by force or fraud, such as embezzlement, theft, and conversion. Under Virginia law, however, there is another, less well-known, criminal offense that pertains to the taking of another person’s money or property by essentially using lies, deception, or some form of tricks. This is the felony criminal charge of obtaining money under false pretenses, which is a form of larceny.

Running enthusiasts in Virginia Beach, Portsmouth, and Newport News are no stranger to the crime of obtaining money under false pretenses. Wounds are fresh in those areas of Virginia where Hash Dash 5k organizer Devon Beezhold allegedly took run registration funds from interested runners. Ms. Beezhold then allegedly canceled the runs and took off with the money, failing to refund registration fees to any of the hopeful participants. Some of those runners filed charges against Ms. Beezhold in courts in all three locations.

This week Ms. Beezhold failed to show up to a scheduled court date at Portsmouth General District Court and a warrant was issued for her arrest. She eventually arrived at the court and was taken into custody. Ms. Beezhold also failed to make it to her first appearance at the Newport News court. A warrant was issued there for her arrest, but those charges were dropped the following day when she finally appeared. Ultimately, Ms. Beezhold is scheduled for trial on December 9 in Portsmouth, and will also face trials in Virginia Beach and Newport News. She has declined to be represented by an attorney.

Obtaining money by or under false pretenses is a serious crime under Virginia criminal law. A person commits the crime of obtaining money by false pretenses when he or she obtains money under false pretenses with the intent to defraud the owner. A person who commits the crime of obtaining money under false pretenses is guilty of larceny. If a person obtains another person’s signature by false pretenses, he or she is guilty of the crime of forgery, which is a Class 4 felony.

It is important to note that the venue for the trial of a person who commits the crime of obtaining money or signature by false pretense is the county or city in which the act was performed or the offender resided. Therefore, as in the case of Ms. Beezhold, where a person has committed several acts of obtaining money under false pretenses, in several different cities or counties, he or she may be tried in multiple venues.

Larceny and forgery are seriously prosecuted in Virginia. If you have been charged with violating Virginia criminal laws, you should immediately speak to an experienced criminal defense attorney. An experienced attorney can review the charges against you and can defend you in court. Contact an experienced attorney at Garrett Law Group, PLC, today for a confidential consultation.

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