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With the rise of technologies that make the viewing, trade and distribution of images trivial and almost universally accessible, charges of child pornography have erupted in new and sometimes surprising ways. Internet sex crimes are aggressively pursued by law enforcement and prosecutors with high-profile sting operations as common as prime time news shows. With growing numbers of arrests and access to criminal content, the need for experienced, effective and reliable child pornography defense has never been higher.

At Garrett Law Group, PLC our Virginia Beach child pornography defense attorneys offer years of criminal defense experience and a proven record of handling sex crimes cases for clients throughout Eastern Virginia. Our criminal defense lawyers take a practical, intelligent and systematic approach to crafting and executing your trial defense.

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Technology is forcing people and the law to rethink and reinterpret long-standing statutes. With Internet file sharing services and cell phones that allow the transfer of thousands of images in a matter of minutes, child pornography investigation, prosecution and defense has changed dramatically in a handful of years.

The criminal defense lawyers at Garrett Law Group, PLC work to stay at the front of legal thought, and have experience handling sex crimes cases. Our criminal attorneys apply a practical approach to laws that are stuck in a chaotic state. Criminal defense lawyers do this by gathering evidence, investigating your case and utilizing proven strategies. Our attorneys handle cases involving:

If a 15 year-old girl voluntarily sends an image of herself to her 17 year-old boyfriend, is that child pornography? If an adult has an illicit conversation with someone they don’t know is a minor, is that sexual abuse? In a changing media and technology environment these are questions the law hasn’t fully answered.

Let us put our criminal defense experience in and out of the courtroom to work for your case.

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