Appealing Criminal Convictions in Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach Appeals Attorney

The legal system in Virginia is not perfect. Unjust convictions occur, and lawyers and judges alike are human beings who sometimes make mistakes. If a crucial error occurred in your case or that of a family member — often involving a judicial ruling on a key motion, handling of evidence, a misguided jury verdict or certain other aspects of trial procedure — you may decide to exercise your right of appeal.

A Virginia Beach criminal appeals attorney at our law firm can be a strong resource if you believe justice was not served in your recent trial. You can turn to us for information on the process and an honest, informed review of whether what happened in your case merits an appeal to a higher court such as the Court of Appeals of Virginia, Virginia Supreme Court, or the U.S. District Court for matters involving decisions made regarding issues of the U.S. Constitution and Federal laws.

Knowledge, Experience and Drive to Pursue Your Viable Appeal

Not all accomplished Virginia trial lawyers handle appeals, in part because the required skill set is somewhat different than for other criminal defense work. Our firm’s strengths in this area of law include the ability to:

  • Apply extensive knowledge of the Virginia court system and judicial process to assess your likelihood of success with a criminal appeal
  • Analyze your case, perform essential research and develop the strongest possible argument to support your bid for a new trial or an overturning of a lower court decision
  • Grasp the strict rules and abide by specific and strict timelines that apply to Virginia appeals

Contact a Lawyer Who Can Provide Insight and Perspective

Even though you may have had an excellent criminal defense attorney on your side at trial, you may benefit from the new perspective and approach we at Garrett Law Group, PLC, can provide. For a free consultation to discuss your potential appeal of a criminal case outcome, contact our law office today. (757) 422-4646.