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Learning that a family member or other loved one has been arrested and taken into police custody is almost always an utter shock. In other situations, individuals and families are faced with tough decisions involving an arrest warrant and want to know their rights regarding potential release from jail. We can help you, your family member or loved one get a bond hearing set, usually within one business day. Our criminal defense attorneys are available anytime, day or night, to talk to you.

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While many people are aware that bonds and bail are part of the criminal justice system, most have no idea how to navigate that system. A licensed bail bondsman may be able to assist with one aspect of that process, but there are many benefits in the decision to contact a criminal defense lawyer prepared to address all aspects of the case.

Helping You Understand and Navigate an Intimidating System

Getting clear information from authorities can be a challenge in these situations, and you may need both legal guidance and answers to questions about financial requirements and risks. Our attorneys’ knowledge and capabilities include:

  • Providing clear guidance on the bail and bond process as well as the seriousness of the criminal charge or charges that led to an arrest
  • Meeting directly with individuals in custody to offer counsel on bond or bail, including listening to and providing perspective on
  • Advocating for a bail or bond hearing at the earliest opportunity, helping clients prepare and appearing at that hearing to assert and protect client interests
  • Providing dedicated criminal defense representation through every phase of a case involving charges ranging from DUI or drug offenses to domestic assault and other violent crimes, sex offenses or allegations of “white collar” financial wrongdoing

Caring, Action-Oriented Advocacy and Defense Work

We know that you may be concerned about your loved one’s safety while in custody, his or her job obligations and a range of other important matters. If your immediate priority is getting your child, spouse or someone else out of jail in Virginia Beach, call (757) 422-4646 now to consult a responsive and experienced bond lawyer.

Virginia Statutes:

§ 19.2-120. Admission to bail.
§ 19.2-121. Fixing terms of bail.