Drug Charges:

Simple Possession, Possession With Intent (PWID)

Virginia Beach Drug Possession or Trafficking Defense Lawyer

Virginia prosecutors aggressively prosecutes drug dealers and drug users. If you have been arrested for simple possession of or for sale of narcotics or a controlled substance (PWID), you face the possibility of serious penalties. Repeat offenders, and even some first time offenders, face the likelihood of a significant jail or prison sentence if they are convicted of a drug crime.

The first step to protecting your rights is to hire an experienced Virginia Beach drug crime defense attorney. The criminal lawyers at Garrett Law Group, PLC have a reputation as an aggressive defense team that believes every person accused of a drug crime deserves a strong and effective defense.

Our criminal lawyers defend clients accused of all types of drug crime charges in Virginia state courts, including:


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An Effective Drug Crime Defense Effort

In serious drug trafficking cases, the criminal defense attorneys of our law firm will aggressively defend your rights through a series of motions that are designed to suppress incriminating evidence. Our criminal lawyers will seek the suppression of all evidence obtained as a result of a search warrant issued without probable cause. Criminal defense lawyers of our firm will seek the suppression of any confessions that were taken in violation of your constitutional rights. Our criminal defense attorneys thoroughly prepare for the possibility of trial while continuing to negotiate with the prosecution to seek a favorable resolution to your case.

In first-time possession cases for small quantities of drugs, Virginia has a deferred finding provision. When properly argued by an experienced criminal lawyer, the provision allows for probation with dismissal of the charges after one year, if certain conditions are met by the defendant.

Whatever the charge, our criminal defense lawyers will examine every aspect of your case in order to build the most effective defense possible.

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