Drug Trafficking, Possession With Intent to Distribute (PWID), Narcotics Charges

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Throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia, any charge involving cocaine — or another Schedule I-V controlled substance such as heroin, methamphetamine, Ecstasy (MDMA) or various prescription drugs — is a felony offense. However, the maximum penalties for cocaine possession and those for sales, distribution or trafficking are radically different. Conviction for simple possession of cocaine could lead to a maximum prison sentence of 10 years; for possession with intent to distribute cocaine (PWID) carries a maximum sentence of up to 40 years.

A Focused, All-Out Effort to Protect Your Freedom and Future

Whether you made a serious mistake and got caught, have been falsely accused or believe your constitutional rights were violated, a drug distribution charge calls for counsel from a skilled, experienced drug crimes lawyer. Our criminal defense attorneys have years of experience providing focused, results-driven drug crime defense, emphasizing:

  • Providing counsel and representation soon after an arrest, including handling bond hearings and bail issues
  • Investigating all aspects of your arrest and the case against you, including the search and seizure of evidence such as cash, baggies or scales used to justify a charge more serious than possession
  • Evaluating motions to exclude evidence, other viable defense strategies and the viability of seeking reduced charges or another favorable outcome through negotiation with prosecutors, such as deferred findings

While we will not offer false hope or promises, our lawyers have a strong track record in complex drug cases. We take a practical, systematic and aggressive approach to every case, and we will build your case for trial while exploring other ways to help you avoid the harshest consequences.

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Virginia Statutes:

§ 18.2-248. Manufacturing, selling, giving, distributing, or possessing with intent to manufacture, sell, give, or distribute a controlled substance or an imitation controlled substance prohibited; penalties.
§ 18.2-248.01. Transporting controlled substances into the Commonwealth; penalty.
§ 18.2-248.02. Allowing a minor or incapacitated person to be present during manufacture or attempted manufacture of methamphetamine prohibited; penalties.
§ 18.2-248.03. Manufacturing, selling, giving, distributing, or possessing with intent to manufacture, sell, give, or distribute methamphetamine; penalty.