Larceny Charges: Grand Larceny, Petit Larceny, Shoplifting

Virginia Beach Defense Attorney for Larceny & Shoplifting

Larceny in Virginia is what is known as a “common law” offense, i.e., there is no definition of larceny in the Virginia law; rather the definition comes down from old English court rulings. The common law definition of larceny, or theft, is the taking of property (also called “chattel”) from the owner with the intent to deprive the owner of that property permanently.

In Virginia, the charge of petit larceny involves the alleged theft of goods or merchandise valued at $200 or less. Grand larceny is the theft of goods valued at more than $200. The larceny definition is very specific, and conviction on a larceny charge requires the prosecutor to demonstrate specific elements involving ownership, intent, value, relocation, and others.

Because the law is so specific, it can provide a criminal defense attorney with several possible defense strategies. As an experienced criminal defense firm, we understands the law and how to develop successful defense efforts.

The criminal defense lawyers at Garrett Law Group, PLC defend clients accused of all types of property crimes, including:

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A Shoplifting Charge Does Not Have to Ruin Your Life

Criminal defense lawyers of our law firm have successfully defended many clients accused of shoplifting. In your case, our defense lawyers may be able to dispute the charge based on the facts of the alleged event alone. Even when there is strong evidence against the accused and the value of the merchandise is high, our criminal attorneys may be able to negotiate to obtain a lesser charge, a deferred judgment, or other alternative sentencing outcome. In these situations, prosecutors can be receptive to these outcomes when the accused was cooperative with police or the store employees, and offers restitution either by returning the merchandise itself or cash.

Our criminal defense attorneys will examine all aspects of your case in the effort to defend you. Our goal will be to seek the best outcome possible. For a free initial consultation with and experienced larceny defense lawyer call (757) 422-4646 or contact us online.

Virginia Statutes:

§ 18.2-95. Grand larceny defined; how punished.
§ 18.2-96. Petit larceny defined; how punished.
§ 18.2-96.1. Identification of certain personalty.
§ 18.2-97. Larceny of certain animals and poultry.
§ 18.2-97.1. Removal of a transmitting device; penalty.
§ 18.2-98. Larceny of bank notes, checks, etc., or any book of accounts.
§ 18.2-99. Larceny of things fixed to the freehold.
§ 18.2-100. Removal of crop by tenant before rents and advances are satisfied.
§ 18.2-101. Selling, etc., of goods distrained or levied on.
§ 18.2-102. Unauthorized use of animal, aircraft, vehicle or boat; consent; accessories or accomplices.
§ 18.2-102.1. Removal of shopping cart from store premises.
§ 18.2-102.2. Unauthorized use of dairy milk cases or milk crates; penalty.
§ 18.2-103. Concealing or taking possession of merchandise; altering price tags; transferring goods from one container to another; counseling, etc., another in performance of such acts.
§ 18.2-104. Punishment for conviction of misdemeanor larceny.
§ 18.2-104.1. Liability upon conviction under § 18.2-103.
§ 18.2-105.1. Detention of suspected shoplifter.
§ 18.2-105.2. Manufacture, sale, etc., of devices to shield against electronic detection of shoplifting prohibited; penalty.
§ 18.2-106. “Agents of the merchant” defined.
§ 18.2-107. Theft or destruction of public records by others than officers.
§ 18.2-108. Receiving, etc., stolen goods.
§ 18.2-108.01. Larceny with intent to sell or distribute; sale of stolen property; penalty.
§ 18.2-108.1. Receipt of stolen firearm.
§ 18.2-109. Receipt or transfer of possession of stolen vehicle, aircraft or boat.