Criminal Acts by Mobs, Gang; Acts of Terrorism

Criminal Defense Attorney for Gang Participation Charges

Under Virginia law, anyone who participates in a mob or street gang for the purpose of committing a violent act, such as assault and battery or maiming, can be charged with a crime, even if they are not the one who inflicted the injury. The mere participation in the mob or gang will impute any criminal activity of one member of the gang to all members present.

A “mob” may be any number of individuals assembled together for the purpose of committing assault and battery, or any act of violence. A “criminal street gang” is any ongoing association of people, or a group of three of more people, for the purpose of committing a violent offense.

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Virginia Statutes:

§ 18.2-38. “Mob” defined.
§ 18.2-39. “Lynching” defined.
§ 18.2-40. Lynching deemed murder.
§ 18.2-41. Shooting, stabbing, etc., with intent to maim, kill, etc., by mob.
§ 18.2-42. Assault or battery by mob.
§ 18.2-42.1. Acts of violence by mob.
§ 18.2-46.2. Prohibited criminal street gang participation; penalty.
§ 18.2-46.3. Recruitment of persons for criminal street gang; penalty.
§ 18.2-46.3:1. Third or subsequent conviction of criminal street gang crimes.
§ 18.2-46.3:3. Enhanced punishment for gang activity taking place in a gang-free zone; penalties.
§ 18.2-46.5. Committing, conspiring and aiding and abetting acts of terrorism prohibited; penalty.
§ 18.2-46.6. Possession, manufacture, distribution, etc. of weapon of terrorism or hoax device prohibited; penalty.
§ 18.2-46.7. Act of bioterrorism against agricultural crops or animals; penalty.