Alcohol Charges: Underage Drinking, Public Intoxication

Defense Attorney in Virginia Beach for Underage Alcohol Possession

Eastern Virginia is a center of activity for people of all ages. Hampton Roads is a vacation destination, a home for the United State Military and home to several colleges and universities. Not surprisingly, with so many young people populating colleges, sun bathing on the beaches and stationed on military bases, our attorneys see a lot of relatively minor criminal violations, such as underage drinking.


At the Virginia Beach law office of Garrett Law Group, PLC, our criminal defense attorneys can help you or someone you know minimize the fines, penalties and potential consequences of an underage possession of alcohol charge. With an experienced and reliable criminal lawyer on your side, you can avoid letting a weekend run-in with the law affect your future.

For cases charging juveniles with drinking of possession of alcohol, our lawyers have extensive experience navigating the juvenile court system. Cases involving minor juvenile criminal matters can most often be resolved without a conviction.

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Underage Drinking Arrests

Many parents and kids are unaware that an underage drinking arrest can lead to a suspended driver’s license (even if you weren’t driving), and other unexpected penalties. It can potentially affect your status at school if you attend one of several local colleges such as William & Mary, Old Dominion or Virginia Wesleyan.

Along with DUI and minor drug charges, underage possession of alcohol is one of the most common kinds of cases our firm handles; our criminal attorneys are focused on helping you find solutions that are just and proper for our client. Short of aggravating factors, such as resisting arrest, it is also an area in which one of our defense lawyers can guide clients on a path to avoid serious consequences.

The criminal defense team at our law office brings experience and a practical approach to work in and out of the courtroom. Our defense lawyers fully explore every option available to reach a positive conclusion.

Your attorney will negotiate with the prosecutor or work in court to have the charges dismissed or the penalties substantially reduced. Most of the people involved in the legal system recognize that while underage drinking needs to be curbed, the penalties involved don’t need to become a burden to younger adults just getting a start on their life. Our criminal defense attorneys help that kind of practical thinking prevail.

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