Gun Charges:

Possession By Felon, Brandishing, Concealed Weapon

Weapons & Gun Violation Lawyer in Virginia Beach

GunChargesVirginiaBeachThe illegal possession or use of a weapon can be a significant criminal charge, and if used in conjunction with another crime can result in mandatory prison time. Even lawfully owned guns can enhance the seriousness of minor infractions. In the blink of an eye a minor speeding violation can become a serious gun charge.

In the Virginia Beach area the criminal defense lawyers at the office of Garrett Law Group, PLC represent a wide range of clients accused of gun violations and weapons charges. Our criminal defense attorneys put sound legal practice and proven experience behind every case, and have the ability to represent you in and out of court.

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Experienced Criminal Defense for Gun Charges

Virginia takes all gun charges very seriously, and when prosecuted in conjunction with other crimes, the enhancements can escalate a misdemeanor to a felony and carry mandatory jail terms. An arrest on any kind of gun violation needs to be taken very seriously, and you want a criminal defense lawyer on your side that has an experienced, systematic and strategic approach to the law.

Criminal defense lawyers from our office represent clients in a wide range of criminal defense and gun violations, including:

In cases where a gun charge enhances another crime, it’s important to understand that even if you are only sentenced with probation for the original crime, you will still be required to serve mandatory jail time for the gun violation. With mandatory sentencing guidelines that can’t be suspended, put a criminal defense attorney on your side focused on preserving your freedom.

Our criminal defense lawyers will negotiate for you where we can, and fight for you at every turn.

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