Robbery, Armed Robbery, Carjacking, Extortion

Robbery Defense Lawyer in Virginia Beach

Robbery is a crime involving theft by force, intimidation, or threat of force. As such it is far different in nature than larceny or shoplifting. The use of a gun or other weapon during the act constitutes armed robbery, and can add three to five years on to any sentence received for the robbery charge, if convicted.

Prosecuting attorneys in Virginia Beach aggressively pursue robbery charges, especially armed robbery charges. Representation by a strong and effective robbery defense lawyer is essential. The criminal law firm of Garrett Law Group, PLC is a successful and dynamic criminal defense firm that believes in aggressively defending our clients’ rights and freedom.

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Our criminal defense lawyers defend clients accused of all types of robbery and theft, including:

Defending Your Rights and Your Freedom

Our criminal defense attorneys believe that every person accused of a crime deserves a strong and effective defense effort. Our robbery defense lawyers will look at every element of the charge to develop the right defense strategy based on the facts of your case. Your criminal defense attorney will question witnesses, examine the crime scene, view any surveillance tapes, and look at any other relevant evidence. If needed, our criminal law firm we will hire experienced private investigators who may be able to find evidence that was overlooked by the police. In cases involving armed robbery, a key strategy may be to contest the weapon, if at all possible.

Our robbery defense lawyers will examine all of these elements to develop a strong and persuasive defense. Our goal will be to obtain the best outcome possible, given the facts of your case, while protecting your rights and preserving your freedom.

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Virginia Statutes:

§ 18.2-58. Robbery; how punished.
§ 18.2-58.1. Carjacking; penalty.
§ 18.2-59. Extortion of money, property or pecuniary benefit.