Carjacking, Auto Theft

Defense Attorneys For Carjacking In Virginia Beach


Carjacking” is a term that was coined by a newspaper writer in Detroit in 1991. The term refers to the robbery (theft by use of force or violence) of an automobile. In Virginia, carjacking is a felony criminal charge that carried a sentence of fifteen years to life in prison.

Under Virginia law, an individual may be charged with carjacking even when they do not actually take possession of the vehicle. Any person who commandeers the vehicle, or forces someone else, including the vehicle’s owner, to transport them may be charged with carjacking.

Carjacking is a distinct offense that does require the use of or threat of force during the taking of the vehicle. Without this element, the charge is only that of larceny of an automobile or unauthorized use of a vehicle.

Contacting A Criminal Lawyer For Carjacking or Auto Theft in Virginia Beach

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