White Collar Crimes: Embezzlement, Fraud, Identity Theft

Criminal Defense Lawyer in Virginia Beach for White Collar Offense

In Virginia state court as well as in the federal court system, Virginia Beach white collar crime attorneys at Garrett Law Group, PLC provide experienced and knowledgeable advocacy, counsel and representation for defending against white collar crime charges.

In general, white collar crimes are associated with issues of fraud and misrepresentation. As our electronic culture and information society become ever greater, these kinds of crimes become more common and more serious. Our criminal attorneys understand how to aggressively pursue your rights and provide reliable defense at all levels, from misdemeanors to federal felonies.

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A Systematic and Intelligent Approach to Criminal Defense

White collar crimes are often associated with high-profile corporate misconduct, and while that is a strong component of our practice, fraud can be as easily understandable as a stolen checkbook or credit card. In all cases, it is necessary to build a complete defense to avoid the often serious penalties associated with any form of fraud.

Put our criminal defense practice on your side in cases involving:

Our criminal defense lawyers will employ years of concrete experience and a reliable approach to investigating your case and building a strong defense. In cases where it is appropriate our criminal attorneys will negotiate with prosecuting attorneys for a reduction or dismissal of charges, seeking options that fit your needs. And when you want a defense attorney that will fight for you in the courtroom, we put our litigation experience behind your case.

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Even relatively minor white collar crimes can carry significant penalties. Contact our office today to set up a free consultation with our criminal defense lawyers to discuss your case and find out how our knowledge and commitment to clients can work for you. We are available to speak with you 24/7/365.