Identity Theft, Identity Fraud

Virginia Beach Attorney To Defend Identity Theft Charges

Identity theft charges can range from relatively minor misdemeanors to serious felony charges. If you have been accused of fraudulently misrepresenting your identity or related theft crimes associated with credit card, check or bank fraud, you need an criminal defense attorney on your side with the skills and experience to handle these cases.

At the law office of Garrett Law Group PLC, our criminal lawyers provide representation for clients facing white collar and identity theft charges in state and federal court. Whether you are accused of stealing a roommate’s credit card for an online purchase or organized and high-value identity theft, our criminal defense attorneys put systematic and proven defense strategies behind your case.

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Experienced Criminal Defense

Identity theft crimes carry serious penalties that can include jail time. As computer-based crimes get greater attention in a society where information is often as valuable as gold, prosecutors and law enforcement are aggressive in prosecuting any accusation of identity theft.

Even if you “borrowed” a friend’s credit card or checkbook with the intention of paying them back, you could be facing serious penalties and a permanent criminal record.

Criminal defense attorneys at our law firm apply a strategic method of criminal defense to every identity theft case we handle. As part of our white collar crimes practice, we represent individuals accused of:

  • Identity theft
  • Identity fraud
  • Check forgery
  • Credit card crimes
  • Bank fraud
  • Computer crimes
  • False Statements to obtain credit
  • False Statements to obtain Government Assistance or Housing
  • Unauthorized Use of One’s Identity to Harass

We work in and out of the courtroom to help you avoid jail time and even seek to have your charges reduced or dismissed. We have the reputation to negotiate with prosecutors where appropriate as well as the knowledge and experience to aggressively protect your rights in court.

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