Out Of Town or Out Of State Help

Serving Vacationers, Out of Town & Out of State Visitors to Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads

VirginiaBeachAttorneysAs a tourist destination and a major thoroughfare along the Eastern Seaboard, the Virginia Beach area sees a wide range of traffic and visitors. Inevitably, whether in a traffic stop or a minor criminal infraction, a number of visitors to the area will have some kind of run-in with law enforcement.

At the law office of Garrett Law Group, PLC our attorneys work with out-of-state clients who need to resolve a legal matter in the Virginia Beach area. When you hire one of our lawyers, you get an experienced criminal defense lawyer who can probably handle your traffic or criminal case locally in your absence, for every stage that can be completed without your physical presence.

Don’t let an criminal or traffic matter in Virginia go unattended, perhaps leading to a more serious charge or higher fine. Call our office at (757) 422-4646, for out-of-state legal representation.

The prospect of having to take time off from work to return to Virginia to handle a traffic ticket or alcohol-related violation might seem impossible, particularly if your home is hundreds or thousands of miles away. At our office, our lawyers strive to find a convenient solution that resolves your case without forcing you into an extended ordeal.

Attorneys from our office represent out-of-state clients in:

The more serious the infraction, the more difficult it may be to entirely resolve your case without you having to reappear in court, but often we can handle any preliminary matters without you here, and can even work to minimize the time you have to be personally involved.

A Responsible Way to Resolve Your Virginia Record

Failure to appear before a Virginia court or failure to handle a traffic violation can potentially lead to an arrest warrant. Many states will enforce those warrants, meaning that an unpaid fine in Virginia could lead to an arrest in your home state and possible extradition to Virginia – a process that can last several days or weeks while you sit in jail.

Let our attorneys help you resolve your case in a responsible and convenient manner. Count on our lawyers to provide experienced, reliable and proven service. Call (757) 422-4646, or contact us online today to discuss your case.