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Below are actual results from previous cases handled by our criminal lawyers at Garrett Law Group, PLC. The people in these cases are just like you, individuals who are local residents, military personnel, and people were arrested while vacationing in Virginia Beach. Good people who have found themselves in a bad situation.

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Court: Norfolk Criminal Court, April 26, 2013, Case Number: GC
Charge: Possession of Marijuana, Possession of Paraphernalia, Underage Possession of Alcohol
Result: Most charges dismissed, finding under advisement to dismiss on remaining

Our client, a college student with no criminal record, was charged with several misdemeanor offenses. At trial, our attorneys were able to successfully challenge the lab analysis for the marijuana and paraphernalia charges and those charges were dismissed. Our client entered a guilty plea on the underage possession of alcohol charge and was given a deferred finding under advisement. He will do some community service and return to have the final charge dismissed in six months.

Court: Norfolk Circuit Court, April 24, 2013, Case Number: CR13000566
Charge: Possession of Forged Bank Notes
Result: Charges dropped

Our client was charged with the possession of more than ten counterfeit U.S. currency bills, a felony. The prosecutor was unable after being given several opportunities to gather the necessary evidence to proceed with trial. Our criminal attorneys successfully argued that our client was entitled to a speedy trial. All charges were dropped.

Court: Virginia Beach Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court, April 11, 2013, Case Number: (family court, confidential)
Charge: Aggravated Sexual Battery
Result: Charges dismissed

Our client, a man of impeccable character and social standing was charged with aggravated sexual batter of his daughter, a felony. Our criminal defense lawyers rejected an initial plea offer that would have required our client to go to prison and register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. We conducted a thorough investigation of the charges and prepared for the preliminary hearing. At the hearing, the judge found there was not even probable cause to certify the charges for trial and dismissed the case.

Court: Virginia Beach Criminal Court, April 9, 2013, Case Number: GC
Charge: Underage Possession of Alcohol
Result: Charges dismissed

Our client was at a party that was raided by police officers and he was not allowed to leave when he asked. Our criminal defense lawyer argued the police encounter and subsequent questioning was non-consensual. Our client was found to have been detained against his will and was required to be advised of his Miranda Rights, which he was not. The statements he made to the officer were excluded and the charges were dismissed.

Court: Virginia Beach Circuit Court, April 3, 2013, Case Number: CR12004021
Charge: Grand Larceny (4 counts), Conspiracy to Commit Grand Larceny (4 counts)
Result: Guilty plea, sixty day jail sentence

Our client is a young man who had everything going for him – college education, great job, great family, new wife and baby on the way. He did something very stupid one night when he and his friends stole some items from Wal-Mart and Target. He entered a guilty plea and was scheduled for sentencing. Even though he had no prior record, the sentencing guidelines recommended a sentence of 9-18 months in prison. Our criminal attorneys were able to present evidence at his sentencing hearing and persuade the judge to sentence him well below the recommended range.

Court: Portsmouth Circuit Court, March 20, 2013, Case Number: CR12002154
Charge: Indecent Liberties (2 counts), Assault & Battery
Result: Not Guilty

Our client is an active duty member of the U.S. Navy. He was charged with taking indecent liberties with his step-daughter and his five year old son, and assaulting his step-daughter. Charges of aggravated sexual battery were dismissed at an earlier preliminary hearing. The prosecutor offered a plea on the remaining charges which would have required prison time, registration as a sex offender, as well as loss of his 17-year military career. He steadfastly denied the allegations and our criminal attorneys prepared for a rigorous defense of the charges at a bench trial. The judge found the evidence was not sufficient to support the charges and found the client not guilty on all counts.

Court: Portsmouth Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court, March 11, 2013, Case Number: (family court, confidential)
Charge: Malicious Wounding
Result: Charges dropped

Client was from Texas visiting his sister here who is active duty U.S. Navy. After a night of drinking, the sister was injured in a fight and her brother was named as the one who struck her. Extensive investigation by our criminal defense team and interviews with several witnesses (the sister was too intoxicated to recall the incident), we were able to present evidence to the prosecutor showing our client was not the culprit. The charges were dropped.

Court: Virginia Beach Circuit Court, March 6, 2013, Case Number: CR11004374
Charge: Possession With Intent To Distribute Narcotics
Result: Guilty plea, six month jail sentence

Client was charged with selling three of his lawfully prescribed pain pills to the “friend” of a co-worker. This “friend” turned out to be an undercover officer. The charge of PWID will usually call for a sentencing recommendation of 8-12 months for a first offense. Unfortunately, our client had a previous charge of Unlawful Wounding stemming from an incident involving a adult man who pulled a gun on his 17-year old daughter. This prior violent felony conviction increased his recommended sentence to 2-4 years in prison. Our criminal defense lawyers were able to successfully persuade the judge to a six month sentence for the PWID charge, well below the recommended sentence even for a person with no prior record.

Court: Virginia Beach Circuit Court, February 26, 2013, Case Number: CR12003144
Charge: Attempted Robbery
Result: Guilty plea, reduced to misdemeanor, thirty day jail sentence

Our client is an active duty member of the U.S. Navy with four years of honorable service. One night he went with some friends to the Virginia Beach oceanfront where they drank at several local bars. According to the victim, our client, who was highly intoxicated, demanded them to give him money and attempted to hit them when they refused. After he sobered and was told by police why he was in custody, he stated he did not remember anything from the previous night and immediately became emotional and remorseful of his actions. The prosecutor would not reduce the felony charge which would have resulted in a loss of the client’s military career, as well as a probable short term jail sentence. At his sentencing hearing, our criminal defense attorneys were able to persuade the judge to reduce the felony to a misdemeanor disorderly conduct, and the client was given a thirty day weekend jail sentence.

Court: Norfolk Circuit Court, February 15, 2013, Case Number: CR12003088
Charge: Malicious Wounding
Result: Reduced to Assault & Battery

Our client was an 18-year old college student with no prior record. He was a close childhood friend of the victim who had recently been involved in an altercation with another mutual friend, a female. When the client and another boy approached the victim to find out why the victim had the altercation with the female, a fight broke out between the three boys. While it was shown during trial that our client played a minor part in the fight, and at times tried to stop the melee, the victim was severely injured by the third boy involved. Our original offer to the prosecutor and the victim was to plead guilty to misdemeanor assault and battery. This offer was rejected and a trial was set. After the trial, the judge found our client’s culpability did not meet the standards for a felony charge, and he reduced the charge to misdemeanor assault and battery.

Court: Virginia Beach Circuit Court, February 6, 2013, Case Number: CR12003269
Charge: Credit Card Fraud, Credit Card Theft
Result: Guilty plea; one charge dropped, one charge reduced to Trespassing

Our client is an active duty member of the U.S. Navy. She was charged with using her boyfriend’s credit card to pay some of her personal bills. She claimed that her boyfriend had given her permission to use the cards and that she paid him back in kind. Our criminal defense attorneys investigated her claims with the several vendors and were able to show there was some merit to her claims. Based on that information, neither the client nor the prosecutor wanted to risk a trial where the outcome could have gone either way. After plea negotiations, the client agreed to plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge of trespassing and the prosecutor agreed to drop the remaining felony charge. Our client paid partial restitution, served no jail time, and maintained her 15-year military career.

Court: Virginia Beach Circuit Court, September 28, 2009, Case Number: CR09002938
Charge: Aggravated Sexual Battery
Result: Not Guilty

Our client charged with sexually abusing the ten year old daughter of his girlfriend. The charges were based on the accusations of the mother who had previously demanded that the client provide more financial support for her. He learned that she was using drugs and refused. At trial, the ten year old girl testified that the client touched her inappropriately while she was sitting on his lap playing computer games. This was suppose to have occurred while the mother was sitting on the couch next to them. Our criminal lawyers were able to investigate the claims and successfully defend the charges. The judge found our client not guilty.

Court: Suffolk Circuit Court, September 14, 2009, Case Number: CR09000849, CR09000850
Charge: Rape, Abduction
Result: Jury Trial, Not Guilty

Our client was a local Suffolk business man who was interviewing women for a housekeeping job. The interview with one woman who answered the newspaper ad led to a sexual encounter between the client and the woman. The woman left the client’s house that evening, and the next morning after talking with her mother came to the conclusion that she was raped. Our client maintained that the sexual intercourse between the two was consensual. After a jury trial, our client was found not guilty of all charges.

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Court: Suffolk Circuit Court, May 25, 2007, Case Number: CR07000325, CR07000326, CR07000327
Charge: Abduction, Malicious Wounding, Destruction of Property
Result: Charges dropped

Our client was an active duty member of the U.S. Navy. After learning that his wife was having an affair, he went home to confront her about this. As one might assume, there was a heated discussion between the two. The client wanting to talk things out with his wife did not allow the wife to leave the house, and at one point, the wife’s cell phone was smashed. The neighbors, hearing the commotion, called the police. When the police arrived they saw the apartment in a state of disarray, and noticed injuries to the wife’s head. Neither the husband or wife gave a cause as to the injuries. The client was arrested and charged with the several felonies. He claimed his wife tripped over some of the overturned furniture and hit her head; the wife never contested that, and in fact never stated how she was injured. After intense negotiations and an agreement to attend marital counseling and conflict resolution classes through the U.S. Navy, the charges were dropped.