Selected Virginia Traffic Statutes

§ 46.2-100. Definitions.

Licensure of Drivers

§ 46.2-300. Driving without license prohibited; penalties.
§ 46.2-301. Driving while license, permit, or privilege to drive suspended or revoked.
§ 46.2-301.1. Administrative impoundment of motor vehicle for certain driving while license suspended or revoked offenses; judicial impoundment upon conviction; penalty for permitting violation with one’s vehicle.

§ 46.2-334. Conditions and requirements for licensure of persons under 18; requests for cancellation of minor’s driver’s license; temporary driver’s licenses; Board of Education approved programs; home-schooled students; fee.
§ 46.2-334.001. Court to suspend driver’s license issued to certain minors.
§ 46.2-334.01. Licenses issued to persons less than 19 years old subject to certain restrictions.
§ 46.2-334.02. Licenses issued to persons less than twenty years old subject to certain restrictions.

§ 46.2-341.24. Driving a commercial motor vehicle while intoxicated, etc.

§ 46.2-360. Restoration of privilege of operating motor vehicle; restoration of privilege to persons convicted under certain other provisions of Habitual Offender Act.

§ 46.2-391. Revocation of license for multiple convictions of driving while intoxicated; exception; petition for restoration of privilege.

§ 46.2-398. Disposition of surrendered licenses on revocation or suspension.

Regulation of Traffic

§ 46.2-816. Following too closely.
§ 46.2-817. Disregarding signal by law-enforcement officer to stop; eluding police; penalties.

§ 46.2-848. Signals required on backing, stopping, or turning.
§ 46.2-852. Reckless driving; general rule.
§ 46.2-853. Driving vehicle which is not under control; faulty brakes.
§ 46.2-854. Passing on or at the crest of a grade or on a curve.
§ 46.2-855. Driving with driver’s view obstructed or control impaired.
§ 46.2-856. Passing two vehicles abreast.
§ 46.2-857. Driving two abreast in a single lane.
§ 46.2-858. Passing at a railroad grade crossing.
§ 46.2-859. Passing a stopped school bus; prima facie evidence.
§ 46.2-860. Failing to give proper signals.
§ 46.2-861. Driving too fast for highway and traffic conditions.
§ 46.2-862. Exceeding speed limit.
§ 46.2-863. Failure to yield right-of-way.
§ 46.2-864. Reckless driving on parking lots, etc.
§ 46.2-865. Racing; penalty.

§ 46.2-894. Duty of driver to stop, etc., in event of accident involving injury or death or damage to attended property; penalty.
§ 46.2-895. Duty of certain persons accompanying driver to report accidents involving injury, death, or damage to attended property.
§ 46.2-896. Duties of driver in event of accident involving damage only to unattended property.

Motor Vehicle and Equipment Safety

§ 46.2-1003. Illegal use of defective or unsafe equipment.

§ 46.2-1078.1. Use of handheld personal communications devices in certain motor vehicles; exceptions; penalty.

§ 46.2-1090. Warning devices on school buses; other buses; use thereof; penalties.