Suspended Licence, Revoked License

Driving On A Suspended License Charge in Virginia Beach

Regardless of why your license is suspended (e.g., failure to pay child support, unpaid fines, possession of marijuana, DUI, etc.), driving on a suspended license is a Class 1 misdemeanor criminal charge in Virginia. In addition to the punishments associated with a misdemeanor offense (fines and/or jail), the court is required to suspend your license for an additional period of time if you are convicted of driving on a suspended or revoked license.

For people who are facing subsequent charges of driving on a suspended license, the punishments become more severe. A third offense of driving under the influence carries a mandatory jail sentence of at least 10 days.

I Am Not Licensed In Virginia. How Can Virginia Suspend My License?

Every driver’s license, regardless of which state, is property of the issuing state. The license is issued by that state and may be revoked or suspended by that state only. Virginia, like any other state, has no authority to suspend a driver’s license not issued by Virginia. However, the Virginia DMV and Virginia courts have the authority to suspend or revoke a person’s privilege to drive on the highways of Virginia. This suspension may be due to a traffic conviction in Virginia courts, or because that person’s license may be suspended in some other state, not necessarily the issuing state, for some other reason (sometimes called reciprocity).

Defending A Suspended License Traffic Ticket

In order to be convicted of driving on a suspended license, one thing that must be established is that you had prior knowledge of the suspension. Your license may be suspended without your knowledge for failure to pay fines or court costs or failure to pay court-ordered child support. The DMV may suspend your license for a number of reasons for which you may not be aware, including accumulation of too many points. The DMV may also suspend your driver’s license without your knowledge if they mail anything to you and it’s returned to them.

 How Can An Attorney Help Me With A Suspended License Charge?

The most important goal in suspended license charges is to determine why the license is suspended and how to get the license reinstated. Many times an attorney will have information and advice on how to go about this. If the license can be restored, many times the court will then reduce or even dismiss the driving on a suspended license charge.

There are many infractions, often very minor, that can lead to a suspended license, including:

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