Hit & Run, Leaving the Scene of Accident

Virginia Beach Hit-and-Run Defense Lawyer

If you left the scene of a car accident that may have injured someone, the time to consult a proven, resourceful criminal defense lawyer is right now — whether or not the police have contacted you. You may be facing a felony charge and not know it. Virginia laws covering hit-and-run, injury-causing accidents and various traffic crimes are complex, and there is no substitute for confidential counsel from a veteran criminal defense attorney.

Experienced Guidance on Legal Options and Potential Consequences

At the Virginia Beach law firm of Garrett Law Group PLC, we will understand that you may have panicked after a crash for a variety of reasons. Whether you simply reacted under stress, had prior serious driving convictions or no insurance, for example, you deserve to understand your legal rights and receive the best possible hit-and-run defense effort.

Whether you can ultimately be charged with a misdemeanor or felony will depend on many factors, including:

  • Actual consequences of the accident, ranging from property damage to someone’s serious injury or death
  • Evidence in the case such as eyewitness testimony regarding fault and your knowledge at the time of the accident

Our criminal defense attorneys bring a strong track record in Virginia traffic violations and criminal defense cases to each matter we handle. You can count on a balanced, practical approach to protection of your rights whether you are questioning whether to come forward or have already been charged with hit and run, DUI, vehicular homicide or a similar offense.

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Our mission is not to judge you for what happened, but to offer the helpful legal counsel and aggressive representation you need. At this point, the most important thing is to get dependable legal information and make the soundest possible decisions.

If police have contacted you about a crash, you may already know your situation is extremely serious. If you are living in fear about what might happen next and need a Virginia Beach traffic defense lawyer you can trust to offer counsel in your best interests, contact us now. We offer a free initial consultation focused on protecting your future in every way possible under the law.