License Restoration, Habitual Offender, DUI Conviction

Reinstatement Of Suspended Driver’s License

Several driving offenses in Virginia may result in the permanent revocation of one’s driver’s license. The most common restoration petitions are related to the following:

Driving under the influence

A person who was convicted of a felony DUI offense may petition the circuit court for restoration of their driving privilege after a period of five years from the date of the last conviction. The court, before granting the relief, will order VASAP to prepare an evaluation of the petitioner; and the court must order an ignition interlock system for at least the first six months of restoration.

In addition, a person may petition the court after three years for a restricted license for the purposes of travelling to and from work. During this period, the court will also order an ignition interlock to be installed on the vehicle.

Habitual Offender

Habitual Offenders are drivers who may have received multiple major traffic violations and were declared by a court or by the DMV to be a Habitual Offender. The law declaring individuals to be habitual offenders was repealed by the Virginia General Assembly in 1999; however, individuals previously declared to be habitual offenders still maintain that status until it is removed by a court.

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