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Virginia law elevates some highway and traffic violations, such as reckless driving, to a criminal charge, which may carry more serious penalties and longer-lasting consequences. As a criminal offense, a reckless driving charge can be more than a minor inconvenience and carry penalties including significant fines, lost driving privileges and, in more serious cases, even jail time. At the law office of Garrett Law Group, PLC in Virginia Beach, our traffic defense lawyers represent clients charged with reckless driving. As a proven and experienced law firm our traffic attorneys can help you fight for a reduction from reckless driving to a minor violation, or dismissal of the charges.

Can I Be Charged With Reckless Driving If I Wasn’t Speeding?

Yes. There are no less than FOURTEEN specifically mentioned acts under the Virginia traffic code that constitute “reckless driving”; only one of those charges deals with speeding, i.e., exceeding the posted speed limit. The remaining thirteen charges deal specifically with the manner in which the driver is operating the vehicle. Reckless driving can be charged for anyone operating a motor vehicle in such a manner to endanger life, limb or property. This is a very technical area of traffic law and requires a thorough investigation of your facts and circumstances. If you have been charged with or arrested for a reckless driving violation in Virginia Beach, call our reckless driving lawyers at (757) 422-4646, or contact us online.

Fight Your Criminal Traffic Charge

Many of our clients are surprised to find when pulled over for what they think is a speeding violation that they are suddenly facing a more serious criminal matter. With fines that can run into the thousands of dollars, the potential for a suspended license and even jail time, put an experienced traffic defense attorney on your case that has the experience, knowledge and resources to help. Our traffic lawyers will work in and out of the courtroom to seek a reduction or dismissal of your charges and avoid the often severe penalties. A criminal charge and a permanent mark on your criminal record can be a lasting barrier. It is important to fight to keep your record clean. Let an aggressive traffic attorney from our office help you reach that goal.

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