Traffic Tickets: Speeding, Red Light Violation, Tailgaiting

Virginia Beach Speeding Ticket Defense Lawyer

SpeedingTicketAttorneyVirginiaBeachNot every speeding ticket or traffic is necessarily something that has to be fought, but there are times when it works to your advantage to take your case in front of a judge. Whether you need to reduce the charges for less points against your insurance, or if you are a commercial truck driver that needs to preserve a clean record, our traffic defense lawyers can fight for you.

At the Virginia Beach law office of Garrett Law Group, PLC our traffic defense lawyers provide experienced and effective representation for minor traffic violations, such as speeding tickets, red light violations, and following too closely. When you need a traffic lawyer on your side to fight a traffic ticket, call (757) 422-4646 for a consultation to discuss your case.

Representing Commercial Drivers and Commuters

As a major center for tourism and travel, highways such as I-64, I-264 and the Chesapeake Bay Bridge are heavily trafficked and heavily patrolled. For drivers who want or need to protect a clean driving record, our traffic lawyers can help you take your speeding ticket or traffic violation to court.

Police officers in Virginia may charge someone with reckless driving, a more serious criminal charge, for a speeding violation of 20 miles per hour over the limit. Not only will this cause a permanent criminal record, but it can also potentially lead to a suspended license, and if you are a commercial driver it may even impact your career.

Our traffic defense attorneys will take your case in front of a judge and help you seek a reduction or dismissal of charges. We take a practical approach to these cases, and we can help you make the case that a poor decision on the highway shouldn’t have a major and negative impact on your wallet or your career.

If you received a speeding ticket while vacationing in Virginia Beach, or a member of the military who is deployed and cannot get to court to challenge your Virginia Beach traffic ticket, contact our office to inquire how we can represent you in your absence.

Discuss Your Speeding Ticket With Us

To find out how we can help you protect your driving record or your professional driving career against minor traffic violations and speeding tickets, call our office today at (757) 422-4646, or contact us online to set up a consultation.