§ 19.2-391. Records to be made available to Exchange by state officials and agencies; duplication of records.

Each state official and agency shall make available to the Central Criminal Records Exchange such of their records as are pertinent to its functions and shall cooperate with the Exchange in the development and use of equipment and facilities on a joint basis, where feasible. No state official or agency shall maintain records which are a duplication of the records on deposit in the Central Criminal Records Exchange, except to the extent necessary for efficient internal administration of such agency. Furthermore, the Virginia Parole Board may receive and use electronically disseminated criminal history record information from the Central Criminal Records Exchange as required to make parole determinations pursuant to subdivisions 1, 2, 3, and 5 of § 53.1-136, provided the data is (i) temporarily stored with the Board solely for operational purposes, (ii) purged within thirty days of receipt of updated data by the Board, and (iii) accessed and viewed solely by Parole Board members and authorized staff pursuant to § 9.1-101 and § 9.1-130.

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Virginia Code: Criminal Procedure