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Meet Attorney JD Garrett

When JD finished law school, he immediately opened his own small law practice over 15 years ago. He had one goal, to help people who find themselves in tough spots and facing difficult challenges. And above all, to eliminate the distant, cold and impersonal “law firm” approach.

JD makes himself available directly to his clients, by cell phone, text message and email, and at their convenience. He takes calls during the day, in the evenings, and on weekends and holidays, and yes, he’s taken emergency calls at 2AM.

If you want an attorney who is going to listen to you, be available to you, and tell your story, look no further.

Practice Areas


The emotional pain of divorce fades over time. The legal ramifications could affect you for the rest of your life. Having the right legal counsel is critical in this situation. Let us help you to make the right decisions for you and your future.


Child Custody

Determining who will provide for the care and custody of your children can be life-altering for you and your children. You need sound legal guidance. We can help you best decide on the crucial decisions for your family.

Child Custody


If you have been charged with a crime, the most important step you can take is contacting a knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer to listen to your case, and provide you with guidance you can trust. We are that law firm.

Criminal Defense


When charged with reckless driving, driving suspended, DUI or any other traffic offense, having the right traffic attorney could mean the difference between jail and freedom, or loss of your driving privilege. We can help.

Traffic Tickets